Pictures in my studio


Pictures in my painting studio

I had the garage at the side of the house converted into an art studio which gives me a perfect place to paint.

The picture on the walls are family heirlooms of one sort or another. The building is the old parliament house that stood in Dolgellau for many years and was painted by my great great grandfather in 1877 on a painting trip to Wales. He painted the picture of the fisherman and his grandson on the same trip. The original of the grandson was in poor condition but this is a version that was restored by Joanne at the Picture Frame Studio. She also framed all the other pieces. These three pictures are the only surviving pieces that I know of by F. M. Walker but there may be others elsewhere.

The small watercolour landscape of Welsh fields was painted by my father in 1991. He painted extensively in oils but this is the only one of his pictures to have survived.

The tapestry was woven on a Hattersley loom as an exhibition piece in 1910 and belonged to my grandmother. The colours were fugitive and it is now a shadow of its former self. The design was based on the painting ‘Gathering in the tithes at Bolton Abbey’ by Edward Landseer.